Bellaria Igea Marina

Tales of the sea. This is what Bellaria Igea Marina speaks of to its guests. The small, ancient fishing village became a renown sea side resort in the Twentieth Century. During the Summer the 7 km beach running along the Adriatic becomes a spacious setting where you can enjoy the sea.

Castello Sabbia

Shallow, safe waters are perfect for families with children; sports and fitness equipment are particularly appreciated by young people; efficient beach service combined with the proverbial friendliness of the beach attendants are the best for those who love the sun, resting and relaxing. For those who need to hold a meeting, only two steps away from the sea there is now a modern conference centre, too.

Casa Panzini

Tales of the sea. The name Bellaria itself, whose origin experts are still not certain of, seems to evoke the wonder of the sea air. Alfredo Panzini, the writer, had discovered this beauty. At the beginning of the Twentieth Century, he used to spend his holidays in Bellaria in the Red House, which is nowadays one of the symbols of the town.

Vele Lancia Romagnola

Igea Marina was named after the daughter of Asclepio, the God of health and well being. The doctor and naturalist Vittorio Belli named it thus when he founded the town at the beginning of the Twentieth Century. He also left a heritage of streets named after Latin poets and writers.

Torre Saracena

Tales of the sea. A monument, the Saracen Tower built in the XVII Century, used to serve as a defence from which to spot enemies. It evokes a dangerous sea infested by ferocious and unpredictable pirates who had to be met with "harquebus, mortar, powder and fuse". Ancient stories. Nowadays the Tower houses a sea shell museum.

Porto Canale

In the canal port, the Teresina fishing boat, a grand lady of the sea, is a silent witness to the fishing tradition which has given a livelihood to and fed so many families. The bragozzo (two-mast Adriatic trawler) was built in 1948 and retired in 1987. It was restored in 2003 to remind everyone that the roots of Bellaria Igea Marina are firmly in the sea. Roots which are still alive today.

Bellaria Igea Marina Storica

Tales of the sea. Fading period postcards show elegant ladies walking along the beach under parasols. They are a witness to the beginnings of tourism, a tradition of hospitality which Bellaria Igea Marina has never abandoned since.

Viale Ennio

Quite to the contrary, this tradition has been strengthened and renewed: hotels with comfortable and modern facilities, restaurants where fish from the Adriatic sea and local farm produce make up triumphant dishes, facilities and buildings to play any kind of sport in, a thick web of bars, pubs, cafés, trendy clubs, discos and entertainment.
A history of hospitality which is always looking to the future.

Parco del Gelso

Tales of the sea. The colours blue and green blend in Bellaria Igea Marina. The large Gelso park in Igea Marina is the town's green lung. An area 25 hectares large, right in the middle of the town, where tall trees like pine and small oak alternate, forming harmonious areas of colour and scent.

Viale Platani

The numerous tree lined avenues, like the Isola dei Platani (plane-tree island) in Bellaria and Via Ennio in Igea Marina are the favoured setting for the evening stroll, for shopping and entertainment events which the town organizes for its guests.